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Rongda Rubber Parts co., LTD

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Rongda Rubber Parts co., LTD  works to develop and produce rubber parts . The corporation is part of China Rubber Hose and Tape Industry Association, and it is a recognized manufacturer by Sinopec, CNPC, CNOOC, and China Coal Corporation. We are ISO9001 Quality System Certified, and we also hold an America Petroleum Institution API Certificate. Additionally, our rubber parts meet both SAE and DIN international standards.

Rongda Rubber Parts corporation main products include:

Rubber skirting board for conveyor belt

Rubber strip

Rubber block

Rubber sealing

The above products are sold to a variety of industries including: mining,  engineering, and machinery. 

 Rongda Rubber Parts Corporation exports its products to Asia, North and South America, Europe, and Africa.

Rongda Rubber Parts Corporation is committed to quality when it comes to our line of products, our customers, and our workers. In order to be at the forefront of innovation, we are well connected with several research organizations such as the Shenyang Rubber Research Institution, China Petroleum University, Hebei Industry University, and other national research institutions. We always meet the highest market demands and use the latest technology by focusing on research and development. We release new products several times a year, and recently we have gained national and international recognition on more than a dozen products.

Rongda Rubber Parts Corporation has received the National Key New Product prize and the Hebei Province and Hengshui City Scientific and Technological Progress Award. We have been named one of China's Top Ten Rubber parts Enterprises by the China Rubber Industrial Association three years in a row. These awards and recognitions are a result of our investment in the best technology to produce our hoses.

Rongda Rubber Parts are manufactured on equipment imported from South Korea, Finland, and Italy. We believe that quality and consistency comes from a well-trained work force. Thus, in our commitment to constantly improving our human resources, we hold regular workshops and training sessions.


Our goal as a company is to continually improve not only technologically but also the way we conduct business with our customers. We understand that innovation in our products go hand-in-hand with a system that provides mutual benefit between suppliers, distributors, and end users.